Mark Pinsky

Mark Pinsky Offers Non-Surgical Body Contouring Through CoolSculpting Treatments

Mark Pinsky Offers Non-Surgical Body Contouring Through CoolSculpting Treatments


Mark Pinsky

Mark A. Pinsky is a plastic surgeon who provides a range of age-defying therapies and treatments. After a consultation with Mark Pinsky or any of his highly skilled staff, patients receive a beauty plan for rejuvenation, whether the intention is to wrinkle reduction, hair restoration, or treatments to contour their body with CoolSculpting.


“We only use the most effective and proven technology on our patients. Offering such a wide range of procedures ensures we meet the needs of every individual,” says Mark Pinsky.


At Pinsky Plastic Surgery, patients can elect to receive Botox or Dysport treatments, dermal fillers, NeoGraft, CoolSculpting and many more depending on their desires and goals. No matter what your personalized goals are, it is vital to talk about your expectations with a board-certified plastic surgeon with vast experience to identify the best approach whether it be surgical or non-surgical treatments. Patients often start with options such as CoolSculpting. Cleared by the FDA (Food and Drug Admin.). Non-surgical fat-reduction treatment using controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat in targeted areas with no downtime.


Cryolipolysis treatments with CoolSculpting employ cold temperatures to freeze off fat cells. In addition, eliminating them with the help of the body’s natural waste-removal system. Physician Assistant applies a device to the part of the body being targeted for fat reduction. This delivers extreme cold safely through the skin. The machine detects skin temperature and was designed with an automatic shutoff feature in case temperatures fall too low.


Mark Pinsky Uses Cold to Reduce Fat Cells | No Surgery!

After completion, remove any screens and coverings. Then the patient is free to go on about their days without any restrictions. Fat cells will crystallize and metabolize with regular activity. Requiring nothing more than around an hour’s time from each patient session.


“There’s really nothing else like it on the market right now. We have a 99% patient satisfaction rating after providing over 1,0000 treatments in our office,” says Mark Pinsky.

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