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Dr. Mark A Pinsky Explains Why Facelifts Require Plastic Surgeons with a keen sense of artistry

Dr. Mark A Pinsky is a board certified plastic surgeon with years of facelift experience, and who, along with other medical professionals, urge patients to research and seek out only the most qualified and experienced surgeons when undergoing a rhytidectomy.

Because we’ve made radical medical advances in the recent past, and with so many facelift procedures being performed today, it’s easy to understand why people take the procedure lightly. However, a facelift can be a traumatic experience to the body, considering all the vital nerves and functions within the human face.

Commonly referred to by medical professionals as a rhytidectomy, the facelift was first performed somewhere between 1901-1906 (there are variations of the story with two main surgeons gaining recognition back and forth––Eugen Holländer and Erich Lexer). At that time, the facelift was a simple cut, pull, stitch up, and removal of excess skin.

Surgeons today have gone beyond traditional facelifts and developed specialized techniques that follow natural creases to conceal and minimize the appearance of any scars. In 2016, in America alone, over 120,000 men and women received some sort of a facelift to improve their looks, boost their self-esteem, and earn back a little self-respect.(1)

The facelift may be performed in a hospital as an outpatient procedure, and will require anesthesia. Vital signs will be monitored closely during the procedure so that any medical issues can be handled appropriately if necessary. From that, patients will have to limit all their activities for days or possibly weeks afterward.

While there may only be one or a couple of small incisions necessary for the procedure, finely skilled surgeons such as Dr. Mark A Pinsky focus on sculpting techniques to manipulate the skin, muscles and tissues to achieve a tighter look and create youthful contours. Fat and skin may be repositioned or removed during the procedure to achieve the best results depending on the patient’s desired goal. It’s intensely detailed work, and professionals like Dr. Mark Pinsky understand the potential for disaster should an unskilled or uncertified surgeon conduct a rhytidectomy, as some surgeries can damage nerves and even paralyze patients.

A qualified physician like Dr. Mark A Pinsky will understand the risk, discuss all options with patients, and personalize each procedure to achieve the patient’s goals. Dr. Mark Pinsky has helped people regain their confidence and look beautiful again through complicated and delicate surgeries for years and years. His expertise guarantees that patients won’t have to suffer through botched facelifts and bad plastic surgery, no matter how lightly patients treat their procedures.

“Facelifts are dangerous, but they can have tremendous results on a patient’s self-esteem. All they need is a qualified and artistic surgeon who can prove years of successful work.”


Mark A Pinsky

Dr. Mark Pinsky uses NeoGraft technology to Restore Hair Loss in Men and Women

With rapid and gradual hair loss affecting men and women around the world, Dr. Mark Pinsky offers a revolutionary and effective solution with lasting results.

Offering NeoGraft hair restoration treatments in his Florida office, Mark Pinsky improves hair loss and thinning for patients across the Palm Beach area and beyond with minimal impact to their daily health. Hair loss affects around two-thirds of men by the time they reach the age of 351. Past 50, almost every man will face significant hair thinning or receding. Many women also face hair thinning as they mature, not to mention the possibility of alopecia that is prevalent in both men and women.

To keep up their hair with age, and to improve their overall self-worth and confidence, many patients turn to hair-replacement therapy such as oral prescriptions, laser therapy, and hair transplants. Patients rightfully have their reservations on which to invest on, however, with the combination of NeoGraft technologyand the skilled eye for natural hair patterns from Dr. Mark Pinsky, you can trust that NeoGraft will yield amazing results.

Dr. Mark Pinsky Turn to NeoGraft Because of its Effectiveness and Minimal Invasiveness

Older hair restoration options, while helping to thicken hair with natural, long-lasting results, may involve removing large strips of hair and may leave undesired scars. Not to mention that traditional hair transplants are reaching a minimal 60 percent average success rate and may be very painful. Past hair restorations options also require general anesthesia that may involve a larger cost.

NeoGraft offers a state-of-the-art automated hair transplant system that simplifies and greatly improves the success of follicle extraction and transplantation processes with an outstanding success rate of 95 to 98 percent. Through NeoGraft, patients don’t have to suffer a linear scar and after only one session, patients can return to their daily routine with minimal restrictions. The procedure relies on Automated Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), which transplants twice as many hair grafts as manual FUE. The procedure is performed by transplant specialists who assist Dr. Pinsky to achieve optimal efficiency and a natural appearance under a comfortable local anesthetic.

Dr. Mark Pinsky has earned an international reputation for his outstanding work in both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Graduating from the University of Texas Health and Sciences of Houston, Dr. Pinsky has since made a name for himself in the medical field and acquired certifications from highly accredited sources like the American Board of Plastic Surgery to further his career.

He’s earned distinctions such as the top 500 status with Allergan Medical and a Presidential Champion status with Galderma. He’s also the creator of skIN3 with DermaTriPlex – a globally patented skincare product line.